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Cabin Simulators​

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Simulators are particularly suited to scenarios of training that are not practical, difficult, risky or costly to replicate in real life. There are a many potentially hazardous situations that aircrews experience only rarely. When these scenarios are encountered, they should be handled quickly to avoid severe consequences. Simulators can train trainees to handle these unique situations in a predictable and controlled manner, without presenting dangerous situations to the crew or the aircraft.

Rear-crews trainers are replicas of the tactical back-end stations and provide airborne tactical officers and rear-crew sensor operators high-fidelity mission-specific training.

Rear-crews (cabin) trainers are generally designed for collective mission training, involving the rear cockpit crew members of the helicopter (or airplane) in a shared and common exercise. The objective of this trainers is to practice the coordination between the different crew members (pilot and co‑pilot, and also the rear crew members such as the Search And Rescue (SAR) operator, the winch man, etc…).

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Training pilots and cabin crews with better tools.

Coming from almost 30 years of experience, Griffon Ops knows the importance of having the right tools for effective training delivery.

Griffon Ops rear-crew trainers are essential in delivering specific mission-specific training requirements for back-end sensor teams and crew ops. Sensor and operator stations are replicated in the high-fidelity tactical environment.

With our on-site manufacturing facility, we are able to translate your unique training requirements into custom-designed simulators. 


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Griffon Ops is an engineering production and restoration company providing solutions to make aviation a safe, sustainable market aligned to the latest economic and environmental trends.

Our mission to improve aviation safety and promote it as a green sustainable market is central. Griffon Ops solutions, initially specialized in aviation training devices, have subsequently developed to deliver a comprehensive suite of premium value services, including aircraft disassembly and dismantling, third party warehousing and aircraft restoration services.

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