Aviation Parts Warehousing

Aviation Parts Warehousing

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Aviation supply chains are becoming more complex and problems such as a lack of storagespace, additional costs for logistics and losing control of the process can distract any company from their primary business.

Griffon Ops headquarters is strategically situated right near Milano Malpensa MXP Airport and is near major hubs throughout Europe and quick access to the Middle East.

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Griffon Ops’ proximity to Milano Malpensa Airport assures great logistic support for incoming and outcoming goods. In addition to this, our 5000 sq m facility is the ideal solution for aviation parts warehousing and storage.
We support our clients in taking care of their parts and products when their facilities are fully loaded.

We are happy to offer our third party warehousing services to MROs, OEMs and airlines that have a large number of fast-moving items to be handled.


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Griffon Ops is an engineering production and restoration company providing solutions to make aviation a safe, sustainable market aligned to the latest economic and environmental trends.

Our mission to improve aviation safety and promote it as a green sustainable market is central. Griffon Ops solutions, initially specialized in aviation training devices, have subsequently developed to deliver a comprehensive suite of premium value services, including aircraft disassembly and dismantling, third party warehousing and aircraft restoration services.

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Promote aviation Sustainability
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