Aircraft Dismantling

Aircraft Dismantling

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Within the context sustainability in aviation, an essential element is being capable of managing the end of life of aircraft. Griffon Ops is committed to assist in the disassembly and recycling of aircraft that are no longer in use throught a sustainable and eco-friendly method.

Griffon Ops is able to facilitate projects that require the removal of certain assets of the fleet toghether with supplemental services.

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Griffon Ops; what we do

Griffon Ops takes care of end-of-life aircraft (mostly coming from military applications). Our highly skilled mechanics carefully disassemble end-of-life aircraft.

The removed parts are then placed in inventory, recertified (if needed), and returned to the market. We aim to make aviation a better recycling industry innovating to minimize the environmental impact

Dismantling will be done in a manner that maximises reuse and recycling, and focuses on the safe disposal of non-recyclable parts.


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Griffon Ops is an engineering production and restoration company providing solutions to make aviation a safe, sustainable market aligned to the latest economic and environmental trends.

Our mission to improve aviation safety and promote it as a green sustainable market is central. Griffon Ops solutions, initially specialized in aviation training devices, have subsequently developed to deliver a comprehensive suite of premium value services, including aircraft disassembly and dismantling, third party warehousing and aircraft restoration services.

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Promote aviation Sustainability
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