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Griffon Ops is an engineering production and restoration company providing solutions to make aviation a safe, sustainable market aligned to the latest economic and environmental trends.

Our mission to improve aviation safety and promote it as a green sustainable market is central. Griffon Ops solutions, initially specialized in aviation training devices, have subsequently developed to deliver a comprehensive suite of premium value services, including aircraft disassembly and dismantling, third party warehousing and aircraft restoration services.

Promote aviation Safety
Promote aviation Sustainability
Promote Passion for aviation

Griffon Ops was born from the passion for aviation and the goal to make aviation a safe and sustainable market.

Even though Griffon Ops was recently founded, the company’s roots reside in our professional figures that can count on many years of experience working closely to (and with) the major aviation OEMs.

Griffon Ops has established a dedicated aviation-centered area in the heart of one of the main Italian aviation economy areas.

Griffon Ops is located in the nearby area of Milano Malpensa airport taking advantage of a great logistic support for incoming and outcoming goods.

We are close to our  customers to better assist them in every project step.


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