G91 presentation for the Italian Air Force centennial

On Wednesday, May 24th 2023, the city of Gallarate in Varese, Italy, will host an event to unveil Griffon Ops’ restored G91 aircraft as part of the “Settimana Azzurra” (Blue Week) celebration, commemorating the centennial of the Italian Air Force. The G91 aircraft restoration was meticulously carried out by Griffon Ops to its former glory, showcasing the expertise and dedication of the company’s team. This event serves as a testament to the preservation of aviation heritage and the commitment to excellence in the field. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the aircraft’s remarkable craftsmanship and learn about the restoration process. Griffon Ops’ contribution to this historical event highlights our position as a leader in the industry, ensuring the legacy of aviation continues to inspire future generations.

 More info at this link.

Griffon Ops _ FIAT g91 aircraft restoration final

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