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Griffon Ops is an engineering production and restoration company providing solutions to make aviation a safe, sustainable market aligned to the latest economic and environmental trends.

Our mission to improve aviation safety and promote it as a green sustainable market is central. Griffon Ops solutions, initially specialized in aviation training devices, have subsequently developed to deliver a comprehensive suite of premium value services, including aircraft disassembly and dismantling, third party warehousing and aircraft restoration services.

Promote aviation Safety
Promote aviation Sustainability
Promote Passion for aviation

Our Solutions

Flight Simulators

Griffon Ops’s innovative flight simulators have been selected by leading aircraft manufacturers. We can tailor our solutions according to each customer requirements.

Cabin Simulators

Coming from almost 30 years of experience in simulators development, Griffon Ops is able to design and produce tailored cabin operations simulators.


Griffon Ops takes care of end-of-life aircraft. The removed parts are then placed in inventory, recertified (if needed), and returned to the market.


Our 5000 sq m facility is the ideal solution for aviation parts warehousing and storage. We take care of our customers' parts and products when their facilities are fully loaded.

Aircraft Restorations

Griffon Ops has completed many aircraft restorations over the years, both flying and static, for museums and private collectors.

Services for Aviation

Griffon Ops specialist teams of aerospace and mechanical engineers work closely with aviation businesses to provide a suite of specifically designed aviation services and practical solutions.

Why Choose Griffon Ops

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Expert Mechanics

Coming from almost 30 years of experience, Griffon Ops' expert mechanics can support your organization with a wide range of services and installations.

Roots in Aviation

Griffon Ops' roots reside in our professional figures that can count on many years of experience working closely to (and with) the major aviation OEMs.

Tailored Solutions

With our on-site manufacturing facility, we are able to translate your unique requirements into custom-designed aviation solutions.

Business Focused

Our expert aviation eye can add significant value to aviation business opportunities with specific investments and partnerships.


Comprehensive suite of premium aviation services

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